MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 3. Professional Achievements And What Men Really Appreciate In A Woman

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toronto escorts: MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 3. Professional Achievements And What Men Really Appreciate In A Woman
There were plenty of situations when I really helped the police , here is one of them: A client in his early 50s, most likely suffering from heart insufficiency, took overdose of viagra, and his last orgasm became his last breath... The girl who was visiting him in his hotel room called me and I called the ambulance but they couldn’t saved him, it was too late... Next morning I received a phone call from police, my number was the last call in poor guy's phone, cops were very agreeable of my behavior.

Another highly important moment in my career is that I have NEVER worked with drugs in any forms or kinds. This stuff is always the source of enormous income but law and experience suggested me to stay away from it, so I always was preaching "clean" business.

Girls who come to work in escort service are always trying to solve their financial problems and they succeed most often, though very few are coming out of this business with really substantial achievements like real estate, good education, that can provide a high salary, expensive car, descent bank account, etc Of course i always did my best to help the girl and often succeeded when the girl was clever and knew which side her bread was buttered on.

All I write about is not a magic bullet, please do not accept my notes as a guide to get into escort service business. My notes are a guide book in love psychiatry. I am not a Columbus and not going to discover "The New World" , if it sounds to you like a thunder from the blue, you may find a better way to spend you leisure time, whatever your soul requires, just don't eat sweets, you will become fat. Please accept my memories as an art creation, I insist: all my actors and actresses are invented and any matching is a pure coincidence.

I am not very much inclined to describe the whole circulation of my professional life from the very beginning but I could mention that being a madam I had many chances to deal with world class models and their spiritual side is often much poorer than the one of common girls...

Models and girls with a model appearance ... Pretty often girls who are thinking of getting into courtesan way of life are scared of too good looking models who appear on escort girls websites, they look at those models with feelings of envy and jealousy and don't realize that immense beauty is not always the way to top money... Sometimes the girls were so beautiful that clients were touching them to make sure the girl is real, that she is not a doll, and very often he did not choose that beautiful girl, especially for the second time, and repeated clients is the most important thing in our profession.

When a gentleman is looking for the service of an escort girl, a courtesan, he is willing to get a dreamy bit of love ( even though paid for but still "love"). Because of certain reasons not every man is lucky to get intimate relations with a beautiful young woman for free, some are shy, not charming enough, or rich, or handsome, generally speaking he was not born the man that all the women are crazy about, there is fear that he will be rejected, there are language barriers and many other things even more complicated. There is also a constantly growing factor of not willing to take responsibilities for the woman, long or even short term relationships, children, family, etc. Pure happiness, total enjoyment, no responsibilities whatsoever , all for a considerably small amount of money! IT IS WORTH!!! and quite achievable! There are dozens , thousands of reasons for men to use escort service... This is a serious diving into male psychology and will not be my pint of attention today...

to be continued...