MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 2. Female beauty and psychology.

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toronto escorts: MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 2. Female beauty and psychology.
It's about a Chemistry Professor with uncontrolled emotions and a peculiar diary of a working girl.

Throughout my whole life in escort service industry i was doing my best not to interferer with law, these structure are very fond of prostitutes, pleasant atmosphere and no danger, once upon a time my old brilliant attorney told me that prostitutes and bookmakers are police favorites - they perform the duty and don't get killed. One of my girls was running a diary where she was describing clients and special treatments, everything elated to work, that seemed interesting and unusual, kind of " The Happy Hooker" by Xaviera Hollander.

I want to tell you a funny story that happened with this diary. There was a wonderful Russian speaking client (by the way a very rare case, because usually I avoid Russian speaking clients regardless of nationality and I have my reasons for that but there are exceptions that justify the rules), He was a chemistry professor, very intelligent, writing and editing books, was very generous with girls, was always tipping them highly.Girls were rally fond of him for his kindness, generosity, his warm, delicate and loving attitude.

One moment the guy gets severely stressed under the circumstances of a heavy divorce, betrayal (probably financial) of his former wife whom he once loved dearly, his mind and common sense are blown away and his only aim becomes revenge. He forgets the old saying that revenge is the dish that has to be served cold, and here is what he does: he composed a bomb (don't forget he was a chemistry professor) and one big explosion solved all the problems: his wife, sole real estate that she had repossessed like a couple of buildings, casino and other valuable stuff. His car was parked not so far from his terror scene, evidently his knowledge of chemistry was much higher than the one of tactics and strategy of war science. In his car there was a notebook with my phone number on the first page...

Terror, even on this dramatic family related level is a very serious matter , of course best police forces were dealing with this crime and our hero was found out before he said Jack Robinson. Best forces even in English speaking country are of course Russians, though I do not want them as clients, but I need to acknowledge that they are best quality professionals in most fields and police as well.

Therefore a highly qualified and shrewd Russian speaking cop obtained the notebook with my phone number from the professor's car, arranged a team 2-3 other cops not as shrewd as him, and arrived to my "incall place", not a difficult procedure in those old time when the phones were land lines, one didn't have to be a cop to know the address... i will omit funny and sad details, the story is getting too long, but was was really outrageous - he finds the famous diary of my escort queen, starts reading, shakes with laughter, because he is reading in Russian such peculiarities and so detailed, that had never come to his masculine and cop mind... it was very difficult for him to translate the thing for his colleges not loosing the sharpness of style and language, he was a cop and not a specialist in linguistics, he was very eager to get comments from the "author", but she did not work that day.

All is well that ends well, the diary was expropriated, highly likely for entertainment purposes , cops are also people... professor want to prison, very sad to loose such a good client...

to be continued...