MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 1. Introduction.

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toronto escorts: MEMORIES OF MADAM CHANEL. Chapter 1. Introduction.
Everything described here is a pure artistic imagination, any resemblance with reality, certain real people, actions or deeds is an absolute coincidence. All rights reserved.

Once upon a time there was a famous Russian novel "Notes of The Red Wolf", my notes sound kind of its echo, though from a completely different planet. I am also very far from any commercial motivations, you can't become rich on memories, at least not on mine, but there are some pleasant moments in them, they bring you back to being young, even though for very short minutes, and for girls who are reading my lines now and are in front of a very important. I would say life changing decision, that can certainly turn their destiny to a completely different direction: decision to become a escort girl, a call girl, a courtesan, for these girls my notes, my memories and my thoughts are beyond any value... For some reason my introduction sounds rather vague, actually like thought flow, one thought overcomes another, like waves in the ocean, they crash, spill and splash all around.

Anyhow, I would call thoughts from the life diary of a madam... I have been living a long life, if I measure it not by years but by experience, it is 5000 years, they say : "experience has no schools, it teachers her pupils singly". This "single teaching" allows me to judge and discuss these and other delicate topics, feelings, moments. Most part of my life is closely connected, not even connected but grown through, with courtesan life, escort business, love and money, women and of course men as well, money is binding us together. I have met a lot of different people, lived and worked with them for many days and years, and may modestly confess that in several countries my name was quite a legend.

Many different men and women wanted to work and communicate with me, so to speak 'be related to art', my girls used to joke when any gentleman was dropping by for a completely different reason than our business, for instance a plumber to repair a toilet and after his work was all finished, he never wanted to leave: 'will this one also stay to live with us?'

The charm and 'catch' of my profession, the desire to be forever close by is difficult to compare to any other business, mysterious wish for men to be near, like the catching power of the diamond for a woman... I used to be closely acquainted with many famous people, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, cinematography (Hollywood of course)

Life in my love industry with all its "abnormal" features (abnormal according to theory of relativity is certainly a big question mark) is full of immense sharpness, bold emotions and very picturesque in comparison with usual regular, descent and dull life, so no doubt it is quite a romantic life, similar to the one of wild west, marine navigators, gold diggers and criminals.

Why do I write about this? probably coming closer to the end of my life I have a desire to show hidden things, to open the curtain over so to speak "secrets" of love for money, over this special world, that lives by its own principals, laws and moral, this is our world of seduction and love, though for money, but still love, in any event, almost all love if for money, just titled differently.

I can foresee that some people who related to sex industry, will not agree, I am not going to dispute the subject, everyone has the right to his own opinion, influenced mostly by his life experience.

to be continued...